Sample Size Fresh Roasted Coffee
Sample Size Fresh Roasted Coffee
The Scented Bean

Sample Size Fresh Roasted Coffee

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Sample our coffee with 2 oz. coffee packs. 

Our fresh roasted coffee is hand-picked from the hills of Latin America and Africa. This complex blend of coffees is blended especially for roasting to our Full City roast color. 

What you get is a rich taste with a  hint of dark roast tones.  Your coffee never tasted so good!

Why try us? We've always loved coffee so this is just a natural progression for us. Being coffee fanatics ourselves, we wanted fresh coffee without the bitter taste. That's exactly what you get with our medium dark blend - Fresh Brew. Our beans are roasted daily and packaged as ordered so you're not getting old coffee that's been sitting on a shelf. Hooray!

Our beans being roasted at the roaster.

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